Women of LWMLC serve others

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Despite the pandemic, women of Lutheran Women’s Missionary League–Canada have managed to find many ways to serve others. Leading up to the triennial national convention they have been encouraged to share pictures of what Christ has accomplished through them.

Here are some photos of a Prayer Shawl project I have sewn – as opposed to knitting! 

Getting ready to sew another row of squares together.

I am trying to find someone who has served in the Canadian Military since the prints are all very Canadian. I started with folks who might fit that category in our own congregation. Or I might be successful in finding someone here at our Silver Birch Lodge which is also my home!

I have someone in mind and have just finally made the contact with that person. This person has A.L.S. and is now in some of the late stages of this disease. His wife is caring for him at home. She, too, could use this prayer shawl to wrap her in God’s loving care at such a stressful time as this. It is my intention then, since I do not drive, to have my son or daughter-in-law take me to their home and give this prayer shawl to them to be used as they see fit.

Emerald Schoepp, Concordia Zone, Sherwood Park, Alta.


Finished product.

Following is the note I am putting with the prayer shawl.

Dear Recipient:

I recently put together two quilts for the “QUILTS OF VALOUR” organization, which are given to wounded Canadian military veterans. Of course, one always has scraps left over from quilting projects.

Our Lutheran Women’s Missionary League at Bethel Lutheran Church is part of a national organization. We are holding a virtual national convention this July. We always choose a Servant Event to submit at our conventions and this year I have chosen to make a prayer shawl. Most prayer shawls are knitted but I am not a knitter, so I chose to sew one from the scraps left from those two “Quilts of Valour.”  

Because our convention will be virtual, we are asked to give our items to local recipients as opposed to taking them to the convention site. You have been chosen to receive this prayer shawl. It was made with much love, and prayers that you will feel that love and warmth of care and blessings as you wrap it around your shoulders. 

May this shawl be a sign of God’s presence. May it warm you when you are weary.

May it encourage you when you are discouraged. May it assure you of God’s care and comfort. May it remind you that you are surrounded by the prayers of others.



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