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A Little Loving Idea

The Christian Growth Committee would like you to be our Allies in sharing Christ so we suggest ALLI – A Little Loving Idea. 
ALLI will be shared from time to time with everyone who receives LWML–Canada Update since they share the same mailing list. Enjoy!

The Great Bulletin/Display Board Challenge

Let your creativity shine!
From now until the end of May, the Member Development Committee of LWML-Canada challenges you to submit a photo of your efforts to show your congregation what LWMLC is about via a bulletin board or a display board.

Story of the Month

Every month we will feature a story from Tapestry, the LWMLC magazine. This month's story is Eve: Mother of all Living from Tapestry, Fall 1994

Would you like to see more? Perhaps subscribe to Tapestry by clicking here: Subscribe

New Logo for LWMLC!

LWML-Canada has a new logo! To read more about it, click the link below.


The LWMLC magazine, is available in print, large print, audio and an electronic PDF version. For more information about this publication, including how to subscribe, click on the link below.

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