The next webinar is a little different, not featuring a mission grant, like our Mites in Action webinars, but more about how we serve in mission. Thus, the new look! Watch for this new logo when we are featuring a guest that supports the service aspect of our mission or is providing a learning opportunity for some of the unique processes in LWMLC.

WEBINAR – Saturday, November 19, 2022
Please join the webinar featuring Karin Achtelstetter, Executive Director of Canadian Lutheran World Relief (CLWR). Karin will share with us some of the current work of CLWR and how LWMLC can contribute to our mutual goal of sharing Christ.
Saturday November 19, 2022, at:
8:00 am Pacific Time
9:00 am Mountain Time
10:00 am Central Time (Sask.)
11:00 am Eastern Time
12:00 am Atlantic Time

Register by sending an email to webinar@lutheranwomen.ca  Please include your full name and a phone number in the email. Also indicate if you require ASL.

The registration DEADLINE is Nov. 14.


On October 24 our Mites in Action webinar featured Rev. Dr. Somers. Dr. Somers described the history of the project, from the idea of an LWMLC member to sourcing suitable materials from Australia, countless hours of editing and translation, to materials that are now used in French language communities around the world. Most recently we received a note of thanks from a community in Togo.

The webinar is now available on youtube and can be accessed with this link https://youtu.be/WiZaiS2kCC8. The video starts with the webinar, which was presented in English, and is followed by a French version of the same information in a different format.

A small selection of webinars can be ordered from the Download on Demand Resources