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Download on Demand (DOD) Resources (FREE RESOURCES)

Download on Demand Resources Feb 14, 2024:  includes hundreds of resources for a wide variety of programs including devotions, Bible studies, retreats, litanies, and many more useful items. Find ordering information here: Download on Demand Ordering Information.

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We Give Thee But Thine Own – Revised 2024 – (Devotion) A reflection on giving based on the LWMLC League Pledge.

2 pages C-1998-06

(NEW) Walk With Your God, In Justice, In Kindness, In Humility (Litany)The title of this litany explains it all and is backed by selected Scriptures.

2 pages C-24-01

Guidelines for Writers (Handouts/Guidelines) Writing is a learned skill. For all interested in writing these guidelines offer excellent advice and suggestions to help the beginner get started and the more seasoned to improve.

1-page C1995-15

Hanna-a woman of the Word (Devotion) A look at Hannah’s life, her faith, confidence and trust in the Lord, an example of faithfulness for women of all generations.

1 page C-15-34

Hanging On (Devotion) This devotion reminds us to hold fast to the Word, in other words to hang onto it, and the Lord who is faithful will be with us in all we do for Him.

1 page C-15-14

Katharina von Bora – “Kitty, my rib!” (Devotion) An interesting and informative look at Martin Luther’s wife, the wife of a pastor. This look at her life sheds some light on the woman who stands alongside your pastor, one who often sacrifices much so her husband can shepherd the Lord’s people.

1 page C-15-40

Ready, Set, Stretch (Study) Using the analogy of a new born baby and then leading us through God’s word, this study teaches us what a baby does naturally from the beginning of life. This little one with its ready, set stretch formula is growing, reaching new horizons, extending to new limits, experiencing change. Through God’s Word we are encouraged and learn from His example how to adjust to changes that come our way in our personal life, in that of our LWMLC and challenges in our areas of service within our church or community. With the help of our Lord and trusting in Him we are ready to stretch out to accept new goals, new plans, new ideas.

2 pages C-1994-04

Watch Your Step (Devotion) Excellent devotion on our Heavenly Father’s instructions to His children on how they should walk in this life. It shows us the consequences when we do not pay attention to God’s commands.

2 pages C-15-15

We give our all – to praise our God – to extend His Kingdom – Revised 2024 (Devotion) Based on the LWMLC pledge, “In fervent gratitude for the Saviors dying love and His blood bought gift of redemption, ….”

2 pages C-06-07

(NEW) Take it to Heart (Prayer Service) -LWMLC 2023) Based on Proverbs 4:20-21 My (child), be attentive to My words; incline your ear to My sayings. Let them not escape from your sight; keep them within your heart. May you be encouraged to always take God’s Word to heart whether you engage with Him in Divine Service, personal devotional time or study in a corporate setting with your Pastor and other faith minded believers. Hymns (LBW) are printed within the prayer service for convivence, Scriptures reading given (requires Bibles) and printed in booklet format for easy use.

4 pages C-24-02

Advent/Christmas Devotion On Light – Revised 2024 (Devotion) As you go through this devotion you will be blessed by all the ways God has referenced Light for our eternal benefit. Nine candles are needed, a leader and 8 readers or a leader with 1 reader. You may choose to use hymnals (lights on when singing and then turned off) or a power point of hymns can be requested through under C-1995-09 power point. As the devotion begins all lights are off except for the leader’s candle.

2 pages C-1995-09

Hark, The Glad Sound! – Revised 2024 (Devotion/Litany/Prayer) Sound plays an important part in life, alerting us to all that’s happening around us. We begin with a devotion on the sounds we encounter daily throughout the year and close with a Prayer/Litany as we prepare for the sounds of Christmas. Suggestions given on how this may be presented.

3 pages C-2003-PE-19

Road to Emmaus- (Revised 2024 & 2022) (Sketch/Activity) Based on Luke 24:13-23, this resource contains an enactment of the Emmaus Road event (requires 4 actors) and gives opportunity to form relationships by participation in a “walk”.

4 pages C-2000-03

Litanie Pour Les Dons D’Amour – French equivalent to Gifts of Love – C-12-68

1 page C-26-26 (Placed under English title)

What Kind of Thanksgiving? (Study) Helps us understand the Gospel-type of Thanksgiving, one that is inspired by the gospel of the crucified and risen Christ. It asks, why do we say thank you anyway? Why, do we especially say thank you to God? It looks at various types of Thanksgiving such as Guilt Inspired, Relative to Others, and Hokey Thanksgiving in comparison to the Gospel Inspired Thanksgiving.

2 pages C1998-02-CD1

And God Made the Stars-Revised 2024 (Devotion-2009 LWMLC Convention) In Genesis 1:16; we read “And God made the two great lights—the greater light to rule the day and the lesser light to rule the night—and the stars.’ The Magi followed a very special star to find the Christ Child, the newborn King so they could worship Him. The stars have guided many in their vocations or travelling on land and sea. Christians look at the stars with an awe filled gratitude, realizing the greatness of their Creator and what he has done for them in sending Jesus to be their Savior. God has given us a hope and a future. “May Jesus our guiding star guide us always. Includes a power point for presentation.

3 pages C-09-05

Trip for a Lifetime, A (sketch) How would you prepare if your friend invited you to come on a “trip for a lifetime?” The women who have been invited are excited and each has their own ideas how they would pack for this special trip. The friend arrives with Bible in hand and tells them they are on their journey now at this time and place and invites them to discover what it means to go on their “Journey of Faith”. which will be their trip for a lifetime. Requires 4 participants.

2 pages C-12-78-CD4

You Tubes Available For Immediate Viewing: Mary’s Song of Joy…Our Song of Joy (Devotion) hard copy available (see title under Devotions and order from as Mary’s Song of Joy…Our Song of Joy C-09-37 2023 Monthly Devotions Advent Song #1 Advent Song # 2 LWMLC 25th Anniversary Video