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Gifts, Treasures, and Society Supplies

Gifts, Treasures, and Society Supplies October 2022:  includes gift items, LWML–Canada supplies, and many other treasures. Find the order form here: Gifts, Treasures, Society Supplies Order Form(Fillable July 2021)

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“We are assured of eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ, therefore we are able to face the time when we die. Aware of the fact that that day will one day come, this form is intended to serve as a guide for my family as they plan my funeral. It is not meant to be followed to the letter. The family and pastor may feel free to use this information in any way they see proper.” Please click here for my funeral suggestion brochure.


Hundreds of individual studies, devotions, litanies, and other program helps are available from the LWML–Canada Resource Centre. For bible studies, devotions, skits, songs, prayer services, etc, check the Download On Demand Resources Catalogue May 2022


Here are a few of the many gift items found in the catalog:

  • Faith Sister pin in silver or gold (pg. 3)
  • Wooden cross necklaces (pg. 4)
  • Glass water bottle (pg. 4)
  • Back for 2023 6″ x 8″ Weekly Planner with Bible Verses for each week (pg. 4)
  • New Logo pen (pg. 4)
  • New logo pin (pg. 4)
  • “JAM POT – Just A Moment, Ponder on This” (pg. 7)

To place an order, please contact the resource centre below:


or leave a message at 1-548-994-7850