Witness…to whom?

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A doctor’s appointment is not, at times, the most pleasant experience, as we wait and undergo poking and prodding. This day I came away from the appointment with a feeling of awe and fulfilment. So often we go about our daily routine not really noticing our surroundings. We don’t appreciate the sunrise, the sparkling snow, a child’s quietness at the breakfast table, the sullen face of a co-worker, or the nurse taking your vitals at a doctor’s appointment.

God directs our paths and the people who cross them. As a child of God, we are called to witness to His marvelous light, and called to serve His people. Who are these people? The unchurched or other believers? The New Testament is full of examples of apostles who wrote letters and visited the new churches, admonishing and encouraging them with the Words of Jesus Christ. Which brings me back to the doctor’s appointment and the path God directed.

Conversation with the attending nurse led to talk of Christmas preparation. It gave opportunity to the sharing of family traditions and the true celebration of Christmas, the birth of Jesus. We shared many things, the challenges of raising teenagers, the fear and trials of COVID, and the meekness of sharing our faith in Jesus with others. We didn’t solve the world problems in our discussions but we both came away with thankful hearts. Greetings of a Christ-filled Christmas were quietly exchanged.

I walked away with a bounce in my step, a warmth in my heart, a smile on my face. I felt I had done the Lord’s bidding today. We sometimes have this notion that we are to witness of Christ to the unchurched only. Perhaps we are also to witness to fellow believers to strengthen and encourage them in the faith, to remind them that Christ is with them giving them confidence and courage to live out their faith.

Annette Borchardt, VP Member Development

This post is provided by the Member Development Committee of Lutheran Women’s Missionary League-Canada

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