Were you there?

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The African American spiritual hymn “Were You There?” is one of my favourites during the Lenten/Easter season. Each stanza takes you through the crucifixion, the nailing to the cross, and the laying in the tomb, with the chorus emphasizing the magnitude of the scene, “tremble, tremble, tremble.”


Were you there? At the district convention?

What did you see? I saw many Christian women ranging in age from 80+, middle age, young, and even infants. I saw women with faces beaming as they hugged each other, rejoicing in the face-to-face fellowship. I saw women diligently working to make our visit comfortable and memorable.

What did you do? There was lots of action. Servant events to help those in need, visits to facilities reaching out to their communities, mission walks raising funds for great causes. In all this activity we served others as Jesus served us.

What did you hear? We heard about mission proposals and their goals to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ. The Word of God was spoken, studied, and digested as we partook in numerous Bible studies. Guest speakers engaged us as they spoke of God’s purpose and direction in their lives. This in turn inspired and encouraged us in our Christian journey.

What did you feel? Did you tremble as voices blended singing hymns of praise, echoing in the sanctuary of God’s house during the divine service? Were tears in your eyes as the Words of God reached into your heart calling you to repentance? Was a weight lifted off as you received absolution and forgiveness?

I pray you experienced some or all these blessings at the district conventions. Even if you were unable to attend, these experiences can happen at your society and zone levels. Remember Christ’s words that “where two or three gather in My name I am with them” (Matthew 18:20). Feel the tremble as you study God’s Word, serve those in need, and encourage each other in faith.

Annette Borchardt, VP Member Development.

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