Ahhh! A lovely day, good friends…

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Seeking some long-awaited fellowship, the ladies from St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Simcoe invited the ladies from Peace Lutheran Church in Tillsonburg to join them for the LWMLC Ontario District’s Mission Walk for Gillian’s Place. On May 18, 2022, seven ladies enjoyed the glory of God’s creation and the beauty of the day on the Waterford Trails. One gentleman from St. Peter’s with wonderful photography skills accompanied us on the walk also. Afterwards, we met another long-time LWMLC member, Emma Depner, and gathered for lunch at a local restaurant.

Ruth Ann Misener

L. To R. Carla Maffett, Kathy Waslowski, Eva Becht, Ruth Ann Misener, Karen Campbell, Janie Buchner, Audrey Weber
Photography credit: Tim Goodale
Yellow Warbler seen along the way.

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