The Path to Joy

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Winnitoba Zone of Central District gathered at Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Winnipeg, in October. Eighteen ladies attended the event as they were led in Bible study by Rev. Harald Schoubye focusing on the theme “The Path to Joy.” The study focused on 1 Samuel 13:1-15, where King Saul was impatient and did not wait for God’s direction, and Ruth 1:1-18 where Ruth and Naomi, despite the dire circumstances, relied on God’s deliverance. The Way or Path to Joy is to call on the Lord, to trust Him because you want the Lord more that any earthly possession or prestige.

Hymns of praise were sung along with a musical duet on piano and cello by Alex Balance and Marvel Yeboah-Appiah. A monetary ingathering was collected in support of Beautiful Saviour Lutheran School in Winnipeg.

Annette Borchardt, Winnitoba Zone

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