Fall activities in Beach Corner, Alta.

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Here is a picture that I took of little favours we passed out on LWMLC Sunday, October 24. We met once a month from February to June last year. We tried to hold a Plant and Trunk sale in May, but due to COVID-19 it was just too difficult with all the restrictions to make it work, so we will try for our Craft and Bake sale in December (we had to cancel that last year.)  We also started meeting once a month again in September. We meet at the church or someone’s house, masked and socially distanced. We have decided to do a “warm sock, toque and mitts” tree for several local missions. The tree is up, and we’ll collect till the end of November. December 4 we are planning to go ahead with our yearly bake and craft sale. At the end of last year, we had a meeting and chose to give some of our offering money (we collect mites, but then we collect an offering each month for other local projects, seed money, expenses, etc.) to the following local organizations:

§ $500 to the Seminary Guild, Edmonton
§ $300 to the convention for the ingathering
§ $100 to The Rock, Edmonton
§ $100 to Hope Mission, Edmonton 

We are a society of eight.  

Becky Wandio on behalf of Sonja Heinemann, president of St John’s LWMLC Society, Beach Corner, Alberta.  

For LWMLC Sunday we wanted to do an after-church coffee hour, but with the restrictions, we opted to do little cookie bags with our bookmark attached to the bag.  We handed one to every person who attended service that Sunday. 

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