Consider a prayer basket and a quiet spot

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Do you crave a deeper devotional life? Is your day empty and anxious because you haven’t found that time to dive into God’s word and meditate on it? It can certainly be a challenge when our days are filled with going to work, caring for children, running errands, planning meals, and the list goes on.

Where do we fit in that precious time to hear God’s words of guidance and encouragement? It may mean getting up fifteen minutes earlier in the morning, setting time aside before the kids come home from school, or retiring to bed earlier to dedicate that time to search God’s Word.

But first another search may be a problem. Where is my Bible? What can I use for a devotion? Where is my devotional booklet? Where is my pen and journal? Searching! Time is gone, kids are waking, hubby wants his coffee, and I need to shower before work.

We all know time flies quickly, but with a little planning a remedy can be found. It may not be perfect, but it can be an encourager instead of another failure. A prayer basket along with a quiet spot or moment can be that solution. Find a pretty basket or box and place it next to your special spot. Gather your Bible, your devotion, inspirational book or magazine, journal and pen to place inside your basket.

Next let those close to you know that this spot is your time to meditate on God’s Word. It may be a challenge in the beginning for everyone to respect that time and place, but the rewards will be endless and timeless. The outcome will be a calm and joyful woman and those around you will see a woman putting God first in a hectic world.

Annette, Member Development

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