Webinars from the on Demand Resource Catalogue

(NEW) Mites in Action– Immanuel Lutheran Playschool, Rocky Mountain House, AB, LWMLC ABC District Mission Opportunity Grant (Video) Presented by Lisa Waite, a member of Immanuel Lutheran and committee member for the Playschool. Sign language for the hearing impaired included. Time 6 min.

Time Limited Webinar Available until May of 2022 TLC-21-02

(NEW) Mites in Action– Ministry of Concordia Lutheran Seminary: Presented by Dr. James Gimbel, President of CLS Edmonton. Dr. Gimbel begins the presentation with a short Bible study on how the Church is established using the following headings: Christ and His Church, The Office of the Ministry and The Role of Seminaries. Next he introduces the current staff and gives abvirtual tour of the interior of theSeminary. Lastly he shares in commentary and photos the technology upgrades that have been made possible through the LWMLC Central District Mission Grant.

Time Limited Webinar Available until May of 2022 TLC-21-01

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