The gift of prayer

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Our LWMLC society has a program called Penny Petal which members are encouraged to donate coins to give thanks for the birthdays, anniversaries of themselves or any family member. The contributions are used to purchase flowers on the altar for special occasions. The coins are collected at the end our meeting and a prayer is spoken. The Penny Petal prayers, read from lined paper with a German accent, are written by a special lady who captures in the prayers the seasons of the year, the church and the blessings and trials of the congregation. These prayers often contain verses from hymns or are written by her. Irma is now 90 years living in assisted care and not able to attend our meetings, but she has saved her prayers and we are blessed to continue to utilize them. So, I share this gift of hers with you.

November 2012

In a myriad of miraculous ways God shapes our lives and changes our days.

Beyond our will, or even knowing, God keeps our spirits ever growing

For lights and shadows, sun and rain, sadness and gladness, joy and pain

Combine to make our lives complete and give us victory through defeat.

Oh, love divine, Oh love excelling, in troubled hearts you just keep dwelling

Patiently waiting for a prodigal Son, to say at last, thy will be done.

Dear heavenly Father,

We thank you again for all your blessings and challenges we are facing today. Thank you for your protection and guidance. In our world of darkness, we hear plenty of devastating earthquakes, floods, senseless violence, murder, child abuse and fighting one country against another where innocent people’s lives are lost. Good news is seldom. But Jesus was born to lighten up even the darkest corner of the world and through His love there is peace between God and man. Soon we will approach the season of Advent, as we prepare for the coming of Jesus Christ our Saviour. May we always be prepared to share this Good News. We pray for all the people who seem to be walking in darkness. Their holiday seems to permeate thinking of only me, me, me. By the grace of our heavenly Father we pray for those people that they open their hearts toward Jesus Christ because He alone is the light of the world. Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross gives us love, teaches us love and empowers us to love. Lead us in your love, Lord Jesus as we love others in your name. Gracious heavenly Father, your mercies and blessings are countless. You have given your body and life and made us you own, through Jesus Christ our Lord. We thank you for all the birthdays and anniversaries in our church family. We thank you again for the precious gift of life. Tender and gentle Shepherd hold us in your arms, carry us when we have lost our way and guide us through to the path that leads to you. Amen

I often fumble when called upon to pray in public. Thankfully, the Lord understands those fumbles and   I am thankful to the Lord for those who have the gift of prayer.

Irma Barten as given to Annette – Manitoba

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