We, Not Me

In today’s society, our value as individuals often supersedes the value of the group. 

We are encouraged to shine on our own and do what matters to us. Individual rights are touted in many public arenas.

While God created us as unique individuals, He also made us to be part of a larger community. 

Let’s explore God’s provision for preserving our individuality within being part of God’s kingdom.

Read or download the Bible study here: We, not Me PDF


Backseat Worker

What is a backseat worker? What is a front seat worker? Why is there a difference?

How can the two work together in everyday life? How do they work together in the Father’s kingdom?

Read or download the Bible study here:  The Backseat Worker


The Generation Gap

One of our greatest challenges is to inspire the next generation to participate.

It only takes one generation of non-involvement to put the future of a sport, or skill, or interest into jeopardy.

The same is true of the Christian faith.  Read or download the Bible study here:  The Generation Gap


women making items to give awayServing – Overwhelming or a Joy?

What does it mean to serve?  Why do we volunteer? What is our motivation to serve?

Download the Bible study here:  Serving – Overwhelming or a Joy? (PDF)  Tapestry, Spring 2014


To Serve or Be Served

The motto of Lutheran Women’s Missionary League – Canada is “Called to Serve”from Deuteronomy 10:12

What does the word serve mean to you? Would you rather serve or be served?

Download the Bible study here:  To Serve or Be Served? (PDF)   Tapestry, Spring 2014








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