An LWML–Canada Resource Centre catalogue is available via several options.

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Check out some of the new options in the Download on Demand Resources:

(NEW) Let us Fix Our Eyes on Jesus (Devotion) Set in poem form this devotion magnifies and makes it crystal clear what Jesus has done for all of us through His death and resurrection. Alleluia!

1 page C-20-04

(NEW) Have No Fear (Devotion) This devotion is based on Matthew 10:26-33 and John 13:34-35. The Matthew passage tells us how God wants us to proclaim the Good News. He encourages us by sharing how He cares for the sparrows and reinforces how much more valuable we are, so we are not to fear but be willing to acknowledge Him before men and in the passage from John he instructs us to love one another, as He loves us. We have His promise to be with us always and His promise to provide all that is needed as we continue the work the apostles started.

2 pages C-20-05

(New) Am I a Servant like Martha or Like Mary? (Bible Study) As women, the story of Martha and Mary is one we can all relate to. As in this study, you may have asked the question “was Martha treated fairly over Mary” or “what does this mean for me in service to my church and my Lord?”-Am I a Martha or a Mary?” This Bible study is in two parts. Part 1 concerns itself with Martha and Mary and their relationship with Jesus. Part 2 deals with our servanthood in light of Scripture. It comes complete with a leader’s guide and participant pages.

7 pages C-20-01

(New) Faith is nurtured when we sit at JESUS’ feet (Devotion) Scripture passages in this devotion draw our attention to the importance of nurturing our faith. When we sit at Jesus’ feet and listen to His words, God Himself nurtures, nourishes, grows, strengthens and develops our faith that we may be equipped to encourage others in their faith.

2 pages C-20-02




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