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Located at 3074 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, the Resource Centre is open Tuesday and Thursday mornings or by appointment. Call 1.888.596.5226 Ext. 220 or e-mail.



Here are a few of the new items which can be found in the Resource Centre Catalogue, Section 2: 

Feel the Burn (Prayer Service, Central District 2016) Key scripture verse is Luke 24:31a & 32a, Jesus talking to two disciples on the road to Emmaus, “Did not our hearts burn within us while He talked to us.” This prayer service expands on the theme “Fan into Flame the Gift of God” by seeking the Holy Spirit’s guidance to” Feel the Burn “in our corporate worship, in daily living, in private devotion, and Bible study, in prayer and in our service to others so that we would have the burning desire to share His message. Songs included but will require Bibles for the scripture readings.

5 pages                #C-16-03              75¢

Gifts of Love-An Ingathering Litany based on hymn 585 (LSB) Lord Jesus Christ, with us Abide.

1 page                  #C-12-68              25¢

Contact the Resource Centre to order yours.



Hundreds of individual studies, devotions, litanies, and other program helps are available from the LWML–Canada Resource Centre.  All but the very newest items are contained on two CDs or a USB stick, which are found on page 10 in Section 1 of the catalogue.  For individual items, please check Section 2 of the catalogue.  To browse these sections click here:  Catalogue



Here are a few of the many gift items found in the catalogue.

    • Silver LWMLC charms and charm holder pin
    • Wooden crosses
    • Devotional Booklets
    • Intertwined with Christ: Marriage Meditations


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