To place an order, please contact Tom Sperling below or use the Resource Centre Contact Us form.

Tom Sperling, Parasource

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Ladies, the Resource Centre is eagerly awaiting your next event. It could be for your fall and spring renewal/rally or other special event. Perhaps you are looking for that special baptismal, confirmation, wedding or anniversary gift. Christmas is just around the corner—how about including a Christ-centred gift to family and friends.

We have compiled ten Resource Samplers with one of each of our current and most popular products. Those attending the event can then see the product and you may take orders and send them to the Resource Centre.

Contact the Resource Centre (see information page 2) and book a Resource Sampler for your event. It will be delivered to your location with no shipping costs. When you order complete directions will be included.

It’s all very simple and we look forward to assisting you.

VP Member Development


New Flyer!


To print the flyer click here: 2019 Flyer






Here are a few of the new items which can be found in the  Download on Demand Resources (April 2020)


(New) Am I a Servant like Martha or Like Mary? (Bible Study) As women, the story of Martha and Mary is one we can all relate to. As in this study, you may have asked the question “was Martha treated fairly over Mary” or “what does this mean for me in service to my church and my Lord?”-Am I a Martha or a Mary?” This Bible study is in two parts. Part 1 concerns itself with Martha and Mary and their relationship with Jesus. Part 2 deals with our servanthood in light of Scripture. It comes complete with a leader’s guide and participant pages.

7 pages C-20-01

(New) Faith is nurtured when we sit at JESUS’ feet (Devotion) Scripture passages in this devotion draw our attention to the importance of nurturing our faith. When we sit at Jesus’ feet and listen to His words, God Himself nurtures, nourishes, grows, strengthens and develops our faith that we may be equipped to encourage others in their faith.

2 pages C-20-02

(NEW) 10 Tips for Creating Better Display Boards (Guidelines) Whether you’re setting up a bulletin board or a display board, to tell the story of LWMLC, here are a few tips to keep it fresh, exciting and pleasing to the eye. For those who do not have a display board or bulletin board, other options are given.

2 pages C-20-03


Contact the Resource Centre to order yours.






“We are assured of eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ, therefore we are able to face the time when we die. Aware of the fact that that day will one day come, this form is intended to serve as a guide for my family as they plan my funeral. It is not meant to be followed to the letter. The family and pastor may feel free to use this information in any way they see proper.”


Click here for the brochure: My Funeral Suggestions






Hundreds of individual studies, devotions, litanies, and other program helps are available from the LWML–Canada Resource Centre.  All but the very newest items are contained on two CDs or a USB stick, which are found on page 10 in Section 1 of the catalogue.  For individual items, please check Section 2 of the catalogue.  To browse these sections click here: Download on Demand Resources (April 2020)







Here are a few of the many gift items found in the catalogue.


    • Silver LWMLC charms and charm holder pin
    • Wooden crosses
    • Devotional Booklets
    • Intertwined with Christ: Marriage Meditations






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