Patricia Katz of Optimus Consulting creates an online newsletter called “Pause.” A recent edition called “Inspiration for the Journey” is about mentoring. Not only are the ideas useful in our work and family life but could also be helpful if transferred to spiritual mentoring. One caution: she provides a link to another website and, as she notes, the title could put you off. don’t let it as the information in the article bears no relationship to the title. To give you an idea about the content, here’s the beginning of what Pat wrote:


One thing for sure about the many roads of life is that no matter where you are in your travels, someone has been down that path already and someone else is just taking a first step along the way. On any given journey, we may find ourselves the experienced travel pro or the novice at the starting gate.

Whether it’s struggling with a new leadership role in the workplace, trying to figure out how best to parent a headstrong teenager, or coping with a time of life when everybody needs you… READ MORE




Members of Lutheran Women’s Missionary League–Canada use two terms in this area, Mission Education and Member Development. Though the main focus is leadership, this is a broader area than leadership alone. The League provides opportunities for women to:


Leaders are not only those who are elected. They are the ones who shape and mould. They ask themselves

  • What needs to be done?
  • What can I do?


We already have what God wants us to have—are what He wants us to be—that takes the pressure off what we should do.


Following are links to PDF files you will find helpful.

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