Watch our ladies Serving the Lord from Home and using some of the ideas suggested below.

Emergency Care Kits/Cards of Appreciation

Prayer shawl or square

Bottles of Blessings 

Bottles of Blessings

Bottles of Blessings Labels

How to use Bottles of Blessings Labels

Ear Savers

Mask Mate Ear Savers.doc


ear savers.pptx


Mask Mate Ear savers can be knit or crocheted and sit a the back of the head with buttons for your mask ear straps to attach to so that you can wear your mask for longer periods comfortably. Pattern is easy to follow and quick to make so make one or make several, and use them for a mission project with your society.

I’m Bored Bags

“I’m bored!” These words can be heard from children almost anywhere. When they are heard in a hospital patient room or emergency waiting room, there is little a parent can do. Pre-assembled activity bags handed out by hospital staff can be a blessing to parents. Could this be a project for your society? Click here for instructions: I am Bored Bags


A Thoughtful Gift For Shut-ins.

Ottawa-1_RGB300Our Saviour LWMLC, Ottawa, put together small photo albums with favourite Bible verses, quotations and pictures/photos and delivered them, along with individual items (e.g. face towels) over Christmas to homebound members of the congregation.
“Due to specific health conditions of some members, instead of sweet treats, we agreed on personal gifts of God’s Word and photos, kept in the album with extra pages to be filled by each homebound member. These albums are very much cherished.” – Tatiana Sabol  Click here for the instructions:  A gift for shut-ins

Loom Knit Preemie Hats

Have you heard of Knit Quick knitting looms—reminiscent of spool knitting but much larger?Loom knit preemie hat


They come in sets of four sizes available at Michaels, Walmart, perhaps other places as well. If you can’t knit but you could spool knit once upon a time, this is a great project.You can make a hat in just two or three hours and it uses up lots of smaller balls of yarn. If they are lighter weight you can use two strands—often different colours—to make hats from preemie size to adult. This would be a great group activity for all ages, and the hats can be donated within your community as a mission service to the less fortunate. Click here for the pattern:  Loom-knit preemie hat – pattern


Many pillowcase dresses


Pillowcase Dresses Galore!


Women from, and friends of, the Mount Olive’s Lutheran Women’s Missionary League-Canada Society in Regina SK  were busy Saturday, April 13th sewing cute little dresses out of the pillowcases that have recently been donated to the church. The finished dresses will be sent to Canadian Lutheran World Relief. This is the second time they’ve been together sewing up a storm, and they are planning another sewing bee soon.  For more pictures and information, please check out Mount Olive’s Sewing Bee for Children in Need


Here are some other ideas for serving in your local community and beyond. Tell us what you are doing to serve, send a picture or two and we will share them, too.



Here is the link to the pattern for the pillowcase sun dresses featured in the picture farther up the page. The dresses are welcomed by Canadian Lutheran World Relief and Haiti Mission Society. You might also wish check with local community organizations or some other LCC Listed Service organizations to see if they could use these items. Pillowcase Dresses



This pattern is for britches made from t-shirts.  These are welcomed by Canadian Lutheran World Relief and Haiti Mission Society.  Your local community organization or some other LCC Listed Service organization might also use these items. Boy’s Britches



How many times have you seen school children walking to school without mittens or toques? Elementary schools are grateful for donations of winter items that they can hand out to children over the winter months.  Some of you may knit but for those of you who sew, please have a look at the patterns below. You can do your part to help Warm Up The Winter. WARM UP THE WINTER

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