The Mission Grant goal for 2021-2024 is $130,000

Mission Grants Chosen for 2021-2024

1. Street Reach, Regina, Sk – Rev. DJ Kim–$12,000
2. Vancouver Youth Worker / Samantha Neeb–$18,900
3. Contribution towards land purchase for building first Lutheran Church in Costa Rica–$10,000
4. National Youth Gathering 2022–$5,000
5. Concordia Lutheran Seminary Electronic Library Uprade–$15,000
6. Translation and Formatting of French Sunday School Materials–$14,000
7. Development of New Mission Site in Lviv, Ukraine–$12,000
8. Jackfish Lutheran Camp, Roblin, Manitoba–$8,500
9. Diaconal Support in Nicaragua, Central America–$8,600
10. Mission Opportunity Fund–$26,000 (The Mission Opportunity Fund is a permanent feature and delegates chose to fund it with 20% of the total goal)
Watch the video about the grants selected here.

The Mission Grant goal for 2018-2021 was $130,000.

The Mission Opportunity Fund is a permanent feature and delegates chose to fund it with 20% of the total goal ($26,000).

Mission Grants 2018-2021

All Mission Grants that were requested during the 2018-2021 triennium were paid out including the entirety of the Mission Opportunity Fund, unfortunately due to COVID-19 several grants selected were unable to proceed and never requested funds.

Mission Grant Payments April 2018 to March 2021

Grant Total for Triennium–$130,000  100%

Regular Grant Allotment–$104,000   80%

1. Circuit Rider Transportation, Altantic Canada–Grant–$15,000, Paid–$15,000, 100%

2. Mission and Ministry Projects, Good Shepherd Moncton–Grant–$15,000, Paid–$15,000, 100%

3. Regional VBS Teams, Remote Congregations–Grant–$24,000, Paid–$5400, 22.5%

4. National Youth Gathering–Grant–$5000, Paid–$5000, 100%

5. Rancheria Feeding and Education Program, Nicaragua–Grant–$12,600, Paid–$12,600, 100%

6. Evangelism Course Outreach, CLTS–Grant–$5000, Paid–$0, 0%

7. Technology Upgrade, Zion Lutheran Christian School Prince George, BC–Grant–$10,500, Paid–$10,500, 100%

8. Youth Ministry, Central America–Grant–$8450, Paid–$1900, 21.3%

9. Evangelists/ Deaconesses in Nicaragua–Grant–$8450, Paid–$8450, 100%

Total Mission Grants–$104,000, Total used–$73,850, Paid out 71%, Balance not utilized due to Covid–$30,150 or 29% 

Mission Opportunity Fund–$26,000

1. Postage for French Devotional Booklet–$2500

2. Rev. Jan Pastucha, Courses on Grief Counselling–$3714.24

3. Joint Seminaries Retreat on Curriculum–$2900

4. French Lutheran Website Maintenance–$500

5. Windsor Essex Counties Lutheran Outreach Ministry WELCO–$3000

6. LCC Youth Worker, Vancouver Area–$10,000

7. Assistance for Bethlehem Walk, Hope Lutheran Christian School–$4135.20

Total Mission Opportunity Fund–$26,749.44 or 102.88%

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