Current Mission Grants

The Mission Grant goal for 2018-2021 is $130,000.

The Mission Opportunity Fund is a permanent feature and delegates chose to fund it with 20% of the total goal ($26,000).

The following list is ordered by the number of votes received. As usual, since that may not be the order in which the recipients are ready to use the funds, the grants will be paid in the order of requests received from those to be funded.
Circuit rider transportation, Atlantic Canada – $15,000
Mission and ministry projects, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Moncton, N.B. – $15,000
Regional VBS teams, remote congregations – $24,000
National Youth Gathering, Lutheran Church-Canada – $5,000
Rancheria feeding and education program, Nicaragua – $12,600
Evangelism course outreach, CLTS, St. Catharines – $5,000
Technology upgrade, Zion Lutheran Christian School, Prince George, B.C. – $10,500
Youth ministry, Central America – $8,450
Evangelists/deaconesses, Nicaragua – $8,450

Details of the Mission Grants will be added at a later date.

Thanks to our gracious God and the generosity of our members ALL LWMLC MISSION GRANTS 2015-2018 WERE PAID by the end of our fiscal year with the exception of the grant to hold a Sister to Sister event in Cambodia. It has been returned to general revenue since the new Cambodian Church is not ready for it now.

A message was received by President Iris from Dr. Somers that the shipment of Spanish Language magazines has arrived in Nicaragua. LWMLC paid for the shipping cost.

The following resources are available on the LWML-Canada Sunday web page and Mission Grant Resources:

Mission Grant Prayer Booklet

Mite box information

My Little Fact Books for each district

Scroll down the LWML-Canada Sunday page to find resources that fit your Sunday celebration, your society meeting or your renewal.


LWMLC Supports LCC Missions in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Honduras, Thailand, Cambodia, Asia and Ukraine.

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