Current Mission Grants

Thanks to our gracious God and the generosity of our members ALL LWMLC MISSION GRANTS WERE PAID by the end of our fiscal year with the exception of the grant to hold a Sister to Sister event in Cambodia. It has been returned to general revenue since the new Cambodian Church is not ready for it now.

A message was received by President Iris from Dr. Somers that the shipment of Spanish Language magazines has arrived in Nicaragua. LWMLC paid for the shipping cost.

The following resources are available on the LWML-Canada Sunday web page and Mission Grant Resources:

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LWMLC Supports LCC Missions in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Honduras, Thailand, Cambodia, Asia and Ukraine.


$ 4,735  Sewing School, Cambodia        Completed                                                                                               

$5,000  National Youth Gathering 2016, St. Catharines, Ontario    Completed                               

$7,200  Curriculum Needs, Feeding & Christian Education Program, Nicaragua      Completed 

$ 8,532.50  Sister to Sister Seminar, Cambodia      Funds returned to General Revenue (see note at top of page)   

$ 8,532.50  Evangelists/Deaconesses, Cambodia    Completed                                                                           

$ 9,000  Evangelists/Deaconesses, Nicaragua         Completed                                                                    

$15,000  Technology Upgrade, Concordia Lutheran Seminary, Edmonton       Completed (actual payment $15,070.66 due to exchange rate, additional paid from Mission Opportunity Fund)               

$15,000  Visiting and Site Pastor, Maritimes     Completed                                                                           

$15,000  Food, clothing and outreach, Community Cupboard, Kitchener ON         Completed        

$16,000  Canadian Teachers, Concordia Seminary, Odessa Ukraine            Completed                        

$26,000  Mission Opportunity Fund :       

$555.45 for Spanish language catechisms to be distributed during a VBS visit in Nicaragua

$2,500 to Canadian Lutheran Theological Seminary, St. Catharines for an outreach component to an Evangelism course.

$3,000 paid to assist with costs of an Intercultural Ministry Conference, Etobicoke, Ontario

$1,500 to the WOW conference in Pelican Narrows, SK

$5,000 paid to the Reformation anniversary outreach effort in Quebec.

$1,600 paid for a women’s retreat in Costa Rica.

$3,000 to LCC to sustain Mission work in Thailand. This funding may allow the education of more mission helpers.

$766.84  General Council granted a request to cover shipping cost of Good News magazines in Spanish to St. Louis, Mo. with destination Nicaragua. The Orphan Grain Train will transport the shipment to a container leaving in September.

$500 to the Stratford Circuit congregations who funded and operated a booth at the 100th International Ploughing Match, held September 19-23 at Walton, Ontario, near Dashwood, for the distribution of CPH Tracts, LLL Project Connect booklets, Bibles, etc. 

$3,000 to the LCC East District Outreach visits to Atlantic Canada

$4,705.05 Intercultural Church Workers Conference, June 2018

TOTAL GRANTS:  $130,000
TOTAL PAID:        $121,467.50
REMAINING:         $  8,532.50  to be returned to general revenue


Current Mission Grant Details

1. Sewing School, Cambodia $4,735  Concordia Institute of Cambodia (CIC), under the direction and supervision of Evangelical Lutheran Church of Cambodia (ELCC), is not only focusing on gospel outreach, providing gospel fellowship but will help the women in the community generate, through design and production of school uniforms, income to support their families and the ministry. Women will be ministered to by ELCC deaconesses and pastors with Word and sacraments, growing in faith.


2. National Youth Gathering 2016, St. Catharines, Ontario $5,000 In 2016 the Lutheran Church–Canada national youth gathering will celebrate its 10th anniversary, covering a 30-year period of gathering every three years. The face of the Church shines brightly through the youth and their leaders and the greatest influence on our youth besides our speakers and Bible study leaders comes from older youth, young adults and leaders who have learned what they are currently experiencing in their faith walk. This grant will help cover the cost of the national youth gathering in 2016.


3. Curriculum Needs – Feeding and Christian Education Program, Nicaragua $7,200 Currently 700 children are enrolled in the children’s education program and about 40 deaconesses are teaching and feeding the children. This grant will support the feeding and education program.


4. Sister to Sister Seminar, Cambodia $8,532.50 There are 15 women evangelists in Cambodia doing the Lord’s work in proclaiming His Gospel, visiting the sick and assisting their pastors and congregations in several areas of work. LWMLC can be of assistance in mentoring, encouraging, learning, partnering in Bible studies, in care and mercy mission, fellowship, spiritual growth, outreach activities, training and helping the women organize themselves, nationally and internationally. Work with English dialogue for people in communities interested in ESL has been a door-opener for Gospel proclamation. There would be one introductory Sister to Sister seminar in Cambodia during the 2015- 2018 triennium with one or two LWMLC representatives participating. The grant would cover the cost of local expenses for the seminar and the round-trip flight for those LWMLC representatives.


5. Evangelist/Deaconesses, Cambodia $8,532.50 The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Cambodia (ELCC) has identified fifteen deaconesses for special service in the church. These women are dedicated to teaching the women and children Bible stories and lessons, comforting women in family conflict, feeding the hungry and giving aid to those in need. This grant will support the mission of these women for a three-year period.


6. Evangelist Deaconesses, Nicaragua $9,000 Three deaconesses are married to LCC pastors serving as missionaries in Nicaragua. For the past three years the support of LWMLC has enabled these women to work alongside their husbands in full-time Christian education and outreach ministry. They are serving in congregations as teachers and were receiving support through the Christian Education program. This grant will support these evangelist deaconesses for a three-year period.


7. Technology Upgrade, Concordia Lutheran Seminary (CLS), Edmonton, Alberta $15,000 The whole CLS community has greater dependence upon reliable electronic infrastructure and computer technical abilities. CLS faculty and staff have significantly increased the use of electronic and computer technology for classroom and worship spaces, and access to perform a multitude of functions that involve pastoral leadership. Students need to learn how to lead in congregations using technology like video projectors and screens to reduce printing costs and allow a more convenient way to follow the liturgy without holding a heavy hymnal and navigating pages with alternate settings. Furthermore, high-technology resources in classrooms allow greater course-sharing by distance education. This grant would help to achieve quality technical standards for the benefit of future pastors in training.


8. Visiting Pastor(s) and Site Pastor, in-house and outreach ministries, Maritimes $15,000 During the past 14 years Pastor Milette of Good Shepherd Lutheran in Moncton, New Brunswick, has been sustaining the worship services, attendance at churches, Bible studies and Sunday schools in the Eastern Maritimes in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island stretching his time thin. Visiting pastors will support and expand outreach to the churched and the unchurched people of the Maritimes and to visitors. Visiting pastors and their families will be housed at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Moncton, New Brunswick.


9. Food, clothing and outreach program, Community Cupboard, Kitchener, Ontario $15,000 The Community Cupboard program of Historic St. Paul’s, Kitchener, Ontario, feeds the hungry of the greater Kitchener-Waterloo area with perishable and non-perishable food and offers free warm clothing. The program has been blessed to lead many into the worship life of the church. It now serves an average of 275 guests each Monday from November to April at a cost of $2,500–$3,000 per week and depends upon the generosity of church members and the congregations of the Kitchener Circuit.


10. Canadian Teachers, Concordia Seminary, Odessa, Ukraine $16,000 The Synod of Evangelical Lutheran Church in Ukraine (SELCU) continues to have strong potential for growth and blessings come, in part, through the preparing of native pastors for service in the church to minister to the people in Ukraine and parts of the former Soviet Union. LCC has pastors and professors willing to volunteer their time and energies to teach in Ukraine. This grant will cover the cost of pastors and professors from Canada travelling to teach at Concordia Seminary in Odessa and to provide translation services for them.


Mission Opportunity Grant $26,000 Many times unforseen mission opportunities occur which could not have been planned for or predicted when mission grant proposals are made and selected. These opportunities, which may occur at any time during the trienniumm would be lost without some financial assistance. On your behalf, LWML–Canada General Council prayerfully considers each request for funds that is presented by or approved by synodical or district mission executives. Requests must meet the general guidelines of LWML–Canada mission grants and the Policy for Mission Opportunity Fund Grants. This grant will provide timely financial support for missions at home and abroad.

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