Medical Missions Report for Website

Medical Missions is a continuation of our Lord’s healing ministry. Almost 70 years ago Connie Klassen from New Hamburg, ON start this ministry in her basement. In 1957, the Ontario Dt. LWML counselor suggested that all District societies should be involve. Our members would gather to roll bandages, fold gauze 4×4” and prepare baby layettes, and gather medical supplies.

The parcels are sent to missionaries, and native pastors, Bible translators, clinics and hospitals. Our list of recipients is around 30 people in 10 different countries.

When Isabelle Booker was Medical Mission Chairman, the collecting depot was in Fisherville, ON. This is where the ladies met to pack and mail the parcels. Today, Grace Lutheran, Kitchener is where we store the items and meet for packing. The depot chairmen have to prepare the shipping forms and supply the boxes, tape, etc. and pay the postage from their account.

The Kitchener Depot is coordinated by Lois Purcell and Jill Brown.

Myrtle Demerling is managing the northern depot in St. John’s Lutheran, in Clifford.

The Medical Missions Chairman is an appointed position and reports are given to the Ontario District and placed in League Tidings. Ardith Pollex is serving as Chairmen of Medical Mission Ontario District. Ardith Pollex email address is

Financial donations are made out to — Medical Missions and sent to

Ardith Pollex, 15 St. Joseph St. St. Thomas, ON N5R1S8

In the year 2010 we shipped over 89 parcels. Each parcel weighed about 30 lbs. In 2020 shipping parcels has come almost come to a halt. The Kitchener Depot said that their store rooms are full of layettes and wound dressings. We hope to resume shipping soon.

We have contacts in the LCC mission fields of Nicaragua, Thailand, and Ukraine. In the Ukraine we have two Lutheran pastors who we help with warm clothing, medical supplies etc.

Jill Brown and Lois Purcell contacted LAMP headquarters and sent 6 parcels by SkyCare, Waterloo Airport to Sioux Lookout. We also have offer layettes to the BC Mission Boat. They requested a Medical kit. LBTC missionaries in Cameroon and Sierra Leone are on our list. Most recently, we have sent medicines an supplies to Venezuela and Cuba.

Communicating with the recipients is much easier and quicker today. Shipping parcels halfway around the world can take 3-6 months. We have had some of our recipients come to address our conventions to share how medical supplies help them show love and share Jesus.

Some of the items that we often include in our parcels—–

Medical Supplies

Polysporin antibiotic ointment Q-tips

Vitamins for adults, children ACE elastic bandages

Analgesics (Tylenol, Advil, Acetaminophen) Disposable gloves

Antihistamines-Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride- Benadryl Toothbrushes

Band aids Wrapped Wound Dressings

Vasoline Scissors, tweezers

Zinc Oxide Wrapped small size Soap

Voltaren- Arthritic ointment


2 cotton Knit undershirts

2 cotton broadcloth or light weight flannelette nighties

2 washcloths

4 cotton diapers 26” to 27” squares

1 flannelette baby jacket or lightweight knitted or crocheted sweater

2 large diaper or safety pins

1 Christian tract or picture with Bible verse

As of October 2021, our Grace Lutheran, Kitchener storeroom is full of layettes, gauze 4×4”

Occasionally we’ve had requests for “pneumonia vests”. A clinic in Papua New Guinea wanted washable feminine sanitary pads. Quilts, warm clothing, and medical supplies are sent to Ukraine.

Monetary Gifts

Donations can be made to “Medical Missions”. The financial gifts are needed to pack and pay for postage. We are in a transitional stage, where it is more expedient to provide financial gifts to our missionaries to purchase medicine in their country for specific needs of their congregations.

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