(jpg of the cover of the booklet for Prayers for Mission Grants)

Prayers for MG 21-24-booklet-to print: use 3 sheets of 8.5 x 11 paper printed both sides.


The following program resources may be ordered from the Download on Demand Resource Catalogue September 2021. Check for codes and ordering information.

  1. Be an encourager (Devotion) #C19-07
  2. (NEW) Faith is nurtured when we sit at JESUS’ feet (Devotion) #C20-02
  3. Little Mite Box, Where Have You Gone? (poem) #CMP97P02-CD1
  4. Penny’s Point (sketch) #CMP00-01-CD1
  5. Pray, Praise And Give Thanks (devotion) # C1996-04-CD1
  6. (NEW) Hallelujah, He has Risen Word Find (devotion) #C-19-04
  7. What Can My Little “Mite” Do? (devotion) #C-08-04-CD2
  8. Where Do I Fit In? (devotion) #C1998-04 –CD1
  9. My God, My Father, Make Me Strong (litany) #C-1998-07 –CD1

Christian Mission Activity with M & M’s.  This handout was developed for the 2018 Convention in Winnipeg but it could be used any time to promote Mites and Missions.


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