How to submit a grant proposal

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Submitting a Grant Proposal

Anyone having trouble with the forms on the LWMLC website please send an e-mail to request a paper copy, to be received as an attachment. The person submitting the proposal must sign the signature page. For societies this is the president. Scan the page and submit it with the rest of the proposal. Required signatures from LCC or LWMLC president can be acquired later.

Iris Barta,

Read the guidelines below or download a copy to print.

Mission Grant Submission Guide 2024

Download a form for submitting a proposal. This form is fillable and can be saved on your computer.

Mission Grant Proposal Form 2024 Fillable

Look for projects in your own districts, zones, societies and research carefully!


Contact the Vice President, Christian Mission of LWML–Canada or your Vice President District Administration for your district.