Just Because

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Occasionally when my granddaughter comes for a sleep over, I prepare her favorite meal. We set the table with cloth napkins, fancy glasses, and candles. She enquires “What’s special Grandma? It’s not my birthday.” My response is “Just because!” 

The National Convention this year is unique and special in that it is virtual. There may not be a personal face to face meeting, restrictions may limit how many can come together but we can make it special “Just Because!” 

Have you thought about sharing a meal together socially distanced with all the finery at your home, on the patio, or at your church?

Consider ordering in a meal to support local businesses, everyone makes their own meal or bring a specific item to contribute to the meal. Remember Lunch Box Auctions where you bid for the surprise lunch box? A silent auction could be organized with proceeds going to Mites.

Some of you are exceptionally talented and crafty to design a table favor to share with your table mates or others attending the convention at home or other locations. Christian Growth had great examples of pray rocks in the Spring Tapestry.

Just Because we are meeting virtually does not mean it cannot be special. Just Because we are miles apart does not mean we cannot make a connection.  Just Because the convention is virtual let us make it special by sharing the one true faith in our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Just Because!

Member Development Committee

Lutheran Women’s Missionary League – Canada


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