Sister 2 Sister – After the Visit

Team 2016 Nicaragua members are beginning to share, with PowerPoint presentations and Bible studies, the insights and experiences gleaned during seminars in Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

Dr. Neitzel, LCC Missions and Social Ministry Services, recently put it this way “It is always very important, necessary and gratifying to share about the opportunities the Lord gives us to serve through LCC’s international missions. It came up in a conference call with locals in Costa Rica. They were very happy and uplifted by the presence of Team 2016 in their midst, and they look forward to a return visit. Our presence and interaction means a lot to them – and to us too, for sure!”

Dr. Neitzel is also asking for prayers for Pastor Edmundo Retana of Cost Rica who has been experiencing serious health issues:

Dear Heavenly Father, fount of all wisdom and mercy, we beseech you on behalf of our brother in Christ, Pastor Edmundo, to grant him healing in his body and Your peace for his mind and his soul. We also ask you to be with Betty, his wonderful caring wife and son Diego as they watch over Pastor Edmundo. In Jesus precious name we pray.


The Sister 2 Sister Mission Trip has been completed. Six LWMLC women made the trip to Nicaragua. Below are the updates as the ladies prepared to meet their sisters in Nicaragua and Costa Rica. This link, S2S Study & Stories, features the resources that were used by the Canadian women in their encounters with their Spanish speaking sisters. Perhaps you would like to use the resources at your next meeting.
The Sister 2 Sister departure date of December 2, 2016, to Nicaragua is getting very close now. Last minute gathering of material is underway. We are praying all the banners will be done on time! Immunizations have been completed and plane tickets purchased. The sister pins have arrived; we are still looking for a few donations toward their purchase.  To read more about their preparations and plans, click here: November Update


A new development! We’ve been invited to Costa Rica to connect with women in Cartago for an abbreviated workshop. President Iris, Judi, Pauline and Renate are excited to have this opportunity to share our faith with our Christian sisters in Costa Rica. God is clearly leading us! To Him be the Glory!


P1000533Across Canada, LWMLC members are engaging in banner-making for Team 2016, to take to Nicaragua.

What shall we provide for our hosts in Nicaragua?  That was one of the initial questions asked at the onset of planning for the trip. We asked what do they need and received a request to teach something the women in their congregations could make for their church.

 The idea of a banner was conceived. Provided by us of LWMLC, the local women could modify it for special occasions.

The photo shows the banner with its symbolisms:

  • A rainbow reminding us of God’s promises in Genesis 9:13 “I have set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be a sign of the covenant between Me and the earth” and 9:15 “I will remember my covenant…” (ESV).
  • The flames represent the pouring out of the Holy Spirit on all who believe.
  • Superimposed are the words Dios Cumple Sus Promesas [God keeps His promises], referring to Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.” (ESV).

 Our hosts will make the bottom part of the banner which is to be attached by ribbons at special occasions and could be sent home with the people it honours. Shown is a piece of foam core board with a dove to depict Holy Baptism. The name of the person being baptized would go on the blank space. Many symbols could be used like a shell for Baptism; or entwined rings for marriage, etc. We can provide more ideas.

We are choosing foam core for this activity because it is light-weight to carry and can be worked on simply on a lap if tables are not readily available. Any pieces of fabric would work from felt to denim. 

Renate Bishopp


Slide 58 copyMore memories of Nicaragua 2008: Leon, the old colourful city. The team spent a couple of nights in beautiful “hotel” La Posada Del Doctor while holding a session at La Cartonera, an abandoned cardboard factory now turned into a church. The contrast was stark but the building was beautified, using whatever materials the congregation could find. For a lack of electricity the power for the keyboard was “borrowed” from a neighbour, the singing was amazingly joyful, the welcome warm! How warm? 39°C, in November – no wonder we look wilted.

Our amazing God can put joy in the most doubtful places! Let us pray He will bless everyone who will assemble for Hermanas para Hermanas in Nicaragua. The team appreciates your prayers as we confer and get ready! Only three months left to wait!  For more pictures from Leon, click here: Pictures from Leon


Slide 36 strtndThe 2016 Mission trip team met online to discuss how their program in Nicaragua should unfold. Many ideas were floated. Ultimately though, it is what the women of Nicaragua want and, need from us: how to be of one mind as women of the church.  The 8th commandment was chosen as a basis for a Bible study: finding unity and love in the body of Christ which we share as believers. It will be a good reminder for all of us!

Each team member has chosen a woman of the Bible whose life was essential – but not always holy –nevertheless used – in God’s great plan of salvation. These women are models for us today; we hope to make them models for our Nicaraguan sisters as well!

Each community we visit will share our program in three sessions of 2 ½ hours. We will interact at a group and an individual level, listening to each other, learning and growing in faith.

Many details are still to be worked out. There is a need for Prayer Partners within LWMLC and from the women in Nicaragua: sisters to sisters—in Christ Jesus! 

Again, we ask for God’s guidance and your continued prayers.  

– Renate Bishopp


Slide 18a copyThere is excitement in the air…

Our goal for a Mission Trip to Nicaragua was a four-women-team; we have eight prospective participants. All are women with lengthy ties and service to LWMLC; all display a great willingness to serve their Lord by helping the women of Nicaragua to be better equipped in living their faith and sharing with others.

Application forms have been distributed; a volunteer manual is being prepared. The projected date for the trip is the first week of December, 2016.

Pray that the Lord of the Harvest will bless this event and all preparations ahead. Pray Slide 39 croppedfor the women for good health and sound financial resources.

The doors are open…

Cantad al Señor!






008editedClick here to read: Christine Pollex – Nicaragua experience



See below pictures and descriptions from the trip in 2006.


In their “open-air” church in Granada, Nicaragua women are waiting
for their Canadian sisters to make a presentation.
Beautifully tiled floors and glassless windows
help to keep the interior of the churches reasonably cool.
As a sign of joyful expectation, balloons in Canadian colours adorn the walls. 


Las mujeres de Nicaragua esperan con alegría
por la visita de sus hermanas en Cristo de Canadá!
The women of Nicaragua are waiting for a visit
from their Canadian sisters in Christ.



Ten years later the women of Nicaragua still desire our support.
They will be happy to see us; perhaps dance for joy!





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