Post-convention news

Convention donations update

We are pleased to provide updated donation totals from the convention.

• Offering #1, LWMLC mites: $5,811.69

• Offering #2, Medical Missions: $3,793.85 plus an additional $75 was sent directly to the organization.

• Offering #3, LCC Missions in Costa Rica: $3,646.66 plus an additional $75 was sent directly to LCC.

• Mission Walk: Elder Care Pavilion, Augusta Victoria Hospital, East Jerusalem: $12,650.00

• Ingathering: Monica Place: $295.00 plus an additional $999.50 was given directly to the organization plus they received over $615.00 in gift cards in addition to all the items brought to the convention.

Thank you to all our ladies for their generosity. May these ministries be blessed.

Rachel Kuhl, LWMLC Financial Secretary


Did you miss the convention? Do you want to re-live a portion of the convention?

Did you miss the initial live feed of the convention? We have a solution for you!

Click on the corresponding day below to be taken to a YouTube video of the convention proceedings.

Saturday morning July 11, 2015

Saturday afternoon July 11, 2015

Sunday morning July 12, 2015

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