The Business Bulletin

The General Council for 2015-2018

President – Iris Barta

VP Member Development – Lorraine Kaija

VP Christian Growth – Roberta Nixon

VP Communication – Gail Mitchell

VP Christian Mission – Renate Bishop

Recording Secretary – Betty Ann McKinty

Financial Secretary – Rachel Kuhl

Treasurer – Lorraine Weir


Convention Offerings

We are pleased to provide updated donation totals from the convention.

• Offering #1, LWMLC mites: $5,811.69

• Offering #2, Medical Missions: $3,793.85 plus an additional $75 was sent directly to the organization.

• Offering #3, LCC Missions in Costa Rica: $3,646.66 plus an additional $75 was sent directly to LCC.

• Mission Walk: Elder Care Pavilion, Augusta Victoria Hospital, East Jerusalem: $12,650.00

• Ingathering: Monica Place: $295.00 plus an additional $999.50 was given directly to the organization plus they received over $615.00 in gift cards in addition to all the items brought to the convention.

Thank you to all our ladies for their generosity. May these ministries be blessed.

Rachel Kuhl, LWMLC Financial Secretary


12 do’s for convention delegates

Before the convention—
• Do read over the Business Bulletin that will come to your society in the new year and consult with your LWMLC sisters for their thoughts prior to convention.
• Do remember to pack your Bible.
• Do bring items for the Gifts of Love ingathering for Monica Place.
At the convention—
• Do read the convention manual.
• Do sit in your designated seat. Only those in this area will receive ballots for voting.
• Do turn off your cell phone during meetings.
• Do arrive on time for all activities.
• Do talk to at least five new people.
• Do check out the exhibits.
• Do visit the LWMLC store.
• Do make notes to help you report to your society when you return home.
• Do take photos to remember the great memories made.
• Do plan to stay until the end of the convention. 










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