The Great Bulletin/Display Board Challenge

Let your creativity shine!
From now until the end of May, the Member Development Committee of LWML-Canada challenges you to submit a photo of your efforts to show your congregation what LWMLC is about via a bulletin board or a display board. Submit your photo and a note describing the event at which it was used (or an ongoing, ever changing display, if that is the case) to Annette Borchardt, Vice-President Member Development ( The committee says there are gifts for all participants !


Whether you’re setting up a bulletin board or a display board, here are a few tips to keep it fresh, exciting and pleasing to the eye.
Boards to tell the LWMLC story can be a wide variety—from a flat bulletin board, to sheets of bristol board, to a tri-fold coroplast board, to a “real” display board. A table may be involved or not. Regardless, you will want it to tell a clear, easy-to-read and easy-to-understand story. Click here for the 10 tips: Tips For Better Boards

Here are the submissions:

Emmanuel, Southey SK

St. Paul, Cupar SK


Grace, Oshawa ON 1 of 3

Grace, Oshawa ON 2 of 3



Grace, Oshawa ON 3 of 3


St Peter, Simcoe ON

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