LWMLC’s 25th Anniversary

What — another anniversary?  On June 20, 2018, LWMLC will be 25.

This anniversary is special…our silver anniversary. It seems like only yesterday that we were 20 and having a great party. Now it’s a quarter century…so, let’s get excited again!

You are invited to celebrate with a thankful heart, making an offering to the Lord!!! – a special financial gift and a gift of your time and thoughtfulness in serving others. You may find other ways.

Look through the page of ideas, 25 Ways to Celebrate—choose a few; if your enthusiasm knows no bounds—choose many! For your financial gift, check out the Anniversary Labels available to print, cut and paste onto envelopes. Use the new Mite Box devotion at your next society meeting.

A new anniversary placemat is now available. There will be a file posted below to print on 11 x 17” paper or you may order from the Resource Centre at a nominal cost plus shipping and handling.

Don’t hide your anniversary celebration from your congregation! Let them share the party! Create awareness! Have fun!

Remember to take pictures and provide them plus a write-up of your celebrations to Editor-in-Chief Marion Hollinger (tapestry@lutheranwomen.ca) with a cc to webmaster@lutheranwomen.ca and vpcommunication@lutheranwomen.ca so your submissions may be shared in many ways.

Reminiscing is always fun! A special anniversary book written by our first president, Eloise Schaan, is in the works. Watch for details in coming issues.



A Special 25th Anniversary Offering

This offering will be collected at the National LWMLC Convention in Winnipeg.

The recipient will be a new program for deacons at Concordia Lutheran Seminary in Edmonton.

For more information, click here: Thank-offering recipients

 The above mite box wrap has been designed for the 25th Anniversary. You may order printed wraps from the Resource Centre.

If you wish to print your own wraps from the above picture, right click on it, save it to your computer and insert the picture into a document to print.


Anniversary Placemats

Please note that these placemats require 11″ x 17″ paper to print.  You may also order the placemats from the Resource Centre.

25th Anniversary Placemat

Anniversary Placemat to Colour


Handling special thank-offering gifts

While any envelope would do, we have included a page of labels that can be copied and one given to each member to paste on an envelope for their special offering. Your special offering should be sent to LWML–Canada’s financial secretary, Rachel Kuhl, at 2 Tiffany Crescent, Kanata, ON K2K 1W2.

For donors to receive a tax receipt, their gifts may be handled like mites…going through the congregation’s account and being receipted by the congregation before being forwarded in lump sum to the financial secretary of LWML–Canada.

Donations going through a society’s account with the cheque coming from the society can be received with thanks but cannot be receipted.

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