Convention Results

Mission Grant Results:

  1. Faith Lutheran Church (Surrey) Mission Team to Nisga’s Community (40)        $9,000.00
  2. Mission Opportunity Grant (38)        $44,300.00
  3. Director of Parish Services (DPS) Concordia Lutheran Seminary-Edmonton AB (37)        $13,500.00
  4. Hope Lutheran Church (Port Coquitlam) Mission Team to Klemtu, BC (33)        $4,000.00
  5. Full Accessible Communication Between Deaf & Hearing (30)        $6,560.00
  6. Theological Education for Deaconesses – Cambodia (22)        $5,000.00
  7. Deaconess Support – Cambodia reduced amount (22)        $5,640.00
  8. Foothills Christian Preschool Computer – Calgary, AB No Funding (18)        $0
  9. King’s Kids Playschool Equipment Upgrade – Red Deer, AB No Funding (15)        $0


Election of Officer Results

President                                                       Linda Horton by acclamation.

Vice President, Christian Growth               No nominations for this position.

Vice President, Christian Mission               Marilyn Witte by acclamation.

Vice President, Communications               Karen Hilderbrandt was appointed on Saturday with a vote to show support.

Vice President, Member Development       Penny Bobier by acclamation.

Recording Secretary                                     Sherley Hearty by acclamation.

Financial Secretary                                        Bonita Smale by acclamation.

Treasurer                                                         No nominations for this position.


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