Busy as a bee

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A fine example was given us as Jesus would often go off by himself in the early mornings to pray. Winter, spring, summer or fall, I enjoy my early morning walks with my dog. This is my time to reflect, meditate and collect my thoughts before the world awakes and starts demanding my time and energy.

During these walks I marvel at God’s wonderful creation – fluffy white snowflakes floating down to earth, the first call of the Canada goose as it ushers in spring, or the musty smell of harvested grain in fall. This summer morning, I noticed a bee flying from wildflower to wildflower spreading pollen to bring forth new creations. The busy bee continued about its business, never seeing the accomplishments of its labour. Sweet honey is the reward at the end of its labour.

I was soon pondering – we as Christians should be busy bees spreading pollen, God’s Word, in our daily activities from person to person, sharing that life-giving Word, letting the Holy Spirit germinate the heart, giving that free gift of sweet honey, Jesus blood-bought redemption, that we may have eternal life with Him in heaven.

The psalmist writes in Psalm 119:105: “How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth.” Do you hunger for God’s Word and its freely given promise of Life with Christ in heaven? Do you share that sweet Word?

Annette – Manitoba

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