two young womenYOUNG WOMEN AND LWML–Canada

…at the LWML–Canada convention

It is time to start encouraging our young women to participate in the special program for them at our next convention in 2018 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

~ Each district may send a Young Woman Representative.
~ In addition, any young woman between 18 and 35 may sign up for the program when she registers.
~ Teens under 18 are also welcome and will participate in special programming. Those under 18 will not be required to pay the registration fee if they attend with an adult who does.

Young women as district representatives
The Young Women’s Representative program is designed to introduce young women to LWML–Canada and to help them, in turn, to encourage other young women to participate in LWML–Canada. All Districts are invited to send Young Women Representatives to participate in LWML–Canada conventions. All Young Women’s Representatives take part in a special program during the convention and following the convention should provide a written report to their LWMLC district. Districts are responsible for covering the convention expenses for their Young Women Representative, including registration, transportation, accommodation and meals.  Districts may choose to send more than one Young Women Representative.


  • A Young Women Representative shall be between the ages of 18 and 35.
  • She shall be a member of a Lutheran Church–Canada congregation and new to, or not presently involved in, LWML–Canada.
  • She shall have a deep love and devotion for her Lord Jesus Christ and be interested in and willing to participate in the program of LWML–Canada.
  • She shall be able to be away from home and/or work for the convention and travel time.
  • She shall be willing to attend all sessions of the convention, although she will not be able to vote.
  • After the convention, she should be willing and available to report on her experiences to her District as requested.
  • It is hoped that she will give ongoing support and /or participation in LWML–Canada in her home society, Zone and District following her experiences as a Young Women’s Representative.

Young women as district representatives
Each district also has a Young Women’s Representative program, supporting the national program and also inviting zones to send representatives to their district convention. Check the district links for more information.

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