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What does it mean to be an active society of Lutheran Women’s Missionary League–Canada? While LWML–Canada bylaws do not define what constitutes an active society, the bylaws and handbook support four things as being essential for a society to be recognized as “active.” The women forming a society shall 1) come together for study, support and action; 2) participate in the ministry of LWML–Canada beyond the congregation; 3) provide financial support for the total program of LWML–Canada; and 4) designate leadership that shall be in communication with the national and district bodies of LWML–Canada.


Come together for study, support and action
Women in a society of LWML–Canada can come together for study, support, and action in any number of ways. There is no prescribed way, and the way each society comes together can change as the makeup of the group changes or the needs of the women change. Not everyone in a society need participate in every activity. A society could involve several smaller groups of  women, each group carrying out a different activity.

Study may involve the Bible studies found in Tapestry, published by LWML–Canada, or other resources. Groups may gather regularly to read and discuss Christian books or topics. Supporting each other may involve praying together or through a prayer chain. It may involve a “secret sister” or “special sister” exchange. Action may involve making quilts or kits for those in need, working in a food pantry, visiting shut-ins or involving the youth of the congregation in mission.

Study, support and action may be as unique as the members making up the society, encouraging and helping each member to grow and reach out in Christ.


Participate beyond the congregation
Programming and activities occur in several different levels of LWML–Canada: zone, district and
national. Women in a society may attend an event sponsored by their zone such as a retreat or training event. They may participate in a district convention. Subscribing to Tapestry and LWML–Canada Update (information via e-mail) as well as receiving and distributing Get Connected (a newsletter for society leaders), are all ways to participate in our mission beyond the congregation, as is attending a triennial LWML–Canada convention.


Provide financial support for the total program
What does it mean to provide financial support for the total program of LWML–Canada? In the fullest sense, the women in a society would regularly be doing all these things:

  • Collecting regular offerings for local and zone mission work and mites to support the district and national bodies in their mission work.
  • Encouraging support of the LWML–Canada Gifts for Growth Fund through honour or memorial donations or bequests, etc.
  • Participating in occasional special giving opportunities, like the anniversary of the organization.
  • Subscribing to Tapestry.
  • Purchasing other resources produced by LWML–Canada.

Some of our societies do indeed support the organization in all these ways. Other societies may do one or two of these things. There are likely growth opportunities for most societies in this area, and so we encourage all societies to grow in their financial support of LWML–Canada.


Designate leadership to be in communication
This is a simple requirement. One person in the society needs to be the contact person, so information from the district and national officers whom you elect to serve you can be provided to the society.

February 12, 2006; updated August 1, 2011


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