LWML–Canada has four districts, each divided into regions called zones.

Alberta–British Columbia District LWMLC

1  Vancouver Island Zone

2  Vancouver Zone

3  Fraser Valley Zone

4  Cariboo Zone

5  Okanagan Zone

6  Peace River Zone

7  Evergreen Zone

8  Concordia Zone

9  Parkland Zone

10  South Alberta Zone

Central District LWMLC

11  Nor’Western Zone

12  Northland Zone

13  Assiniboine Zone

14  Southwest Zone

15  Capital Zone

16  Parkland Zone

17  Wheatland Zone

18  Winnitoba Zone

19  Patricia Zone

20  Thunder Bay Zone

Laurentian District LWMLC

21  Rockhaven Zone

22  Valley Zone

23  Capital Zone

Ontario District LWMLC

24  Hanover Zone

25  Toronto Zone

26 Mitchell Zone

27  Waterloo Zone

28  London Zone

29  Windsor Zone

30  Niagara Zone

Laurentian District LWMLC

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Download a list of active societies (PDF) shown by district and zone.

Lutheran Church–Canada Districts

East District covers Southern Ontario through Timmins and all provinces and territories eastward. Within this synodical district are two LWML–Canada districts: Laurentian and Ontario.

Central District covers all of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Northwest Ontario (including Fort Frances, Kenora and Dryden to the west and Nipigon and Manitouwadge to the east. Within this synodical district are two former LWML–Canada districts: Manitoba – Saskatchewan and Ontario Sonset.

Alberta–British Columbia District covers all of Alberta and British Columbia. There is only one LWML–Canada district within this synodical district.

Download and print What an Active Society Is and Does (2018)

For easier printing, you can download each page separately: An Active Society, Part 1   An Active Society, Part 2

What an Active Society Is and Does

Does your society look different than it once did?
Each society is unique and something that works in one place may have to be adapted or altered to work in another. In the same way, what once worked in your society may no longer do so. Many societies find aging is a factor. Rather than being discouraged we can use it as a reason for shifting gears, being creative, trying something new—choosing activities and ways of doing them that fits the women of the society. God will give us what we need. If we keep our focus on growing in faith and serving our Lord, God will bless our efforts, large or small.

What an active society of LWMLC is
in the Word – gathering together for devotions, Bible study and activities that help us grow in our faith
in service – helping others through any number of ways big or small in the congregation, the community, the country and the world
in support – supporting Lutheran Church–Canada’s mission and ministry in Canada and in the world, as an auxiliary organization
in partnership – joining with women across our country and linked with women in USA and Australia

What an active society of LWMLC does…                                                                                                                    The bylaws of Lutheran Women’s Missionary League–Canada, Inc., do not specifically state what an active society does but do identify four areas for a society to be considered active:
1. Come together for information, support and action.
2. Participate beyond the congregation.
3. Financially support LWMLC.
4. Designate a contact person to receive information from the district and national bodies of the league and to provide feedback as needed.

Come together for information,support and action
• Meet together for Bible study, devotion, prayer and to share information from the district and national bodies.
• Let the activity planned determine when you gather together; it doesn’t always have to be the same day and time each month.
• Support each other by means such as a prayer chain, secret sister exchange or the fellowship in just being together

• Include activities that reach out into the congregation and community (e.g., lap quilts instead of full-size quilts for seniors might be easier).
• Do what works for your group. Perhaps have a speaker and invite the congregation, consider writing notes in Christmas or Easter cards and sending them to shut-ins and others in your congregation needing encouragement.
• Encourage LWMLC Sunday activities showing others what LWMLC is and does locally and beyond.

Participate beyond the congregation
• Get together with other societies in your zone for a mini retreat, a potluck lunch or supper, an outreach activity such as making pillowcase dresses or lap quilts. The activity and time depends on how geographically close you are to each other.
• Participation in zone and district events helps keep us from feeling alone as a society.

Financially support LWMLC
• Gather mites to support LWMLC’s outreach as an auxiliary of LCC.
• Participate in occasional giving opportunities such as an honour or memorial gift or a thank-offering for a special occasion.
• Support special programs as they may arise.
• Subscribe to Tapestry: regular or large print, audio or digital. It is the league’s main means of communication and is an effective outreach tool when shared outside the group.

Designate a contact person

• Choose one person who will be the contact to receive information from the district and national bodies of LWMLC.
• It is sometimes difficult to find enough women to have a full slate of officers. If so, choose someone who will coordinate activities in your group and someone to record each activity (the latter could change from
meeting to meeting). Select someone who will look after finances, keeping it as simple as possible.

Updated October 2018



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