A simple project highlights French Sunday school project

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The Sunday school at Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd, Winnipeg, hosted a hand sanitizer fundraiser as a mission project starting in 2020. The fundraiser was a huge success! $1,700 was recently donated to LWMLC MITES. The teachers and students had been unaware that French Sunday School materials were not available in Canada. Through their donation they want to bring awareness to this LWMLC project.

What a fantastic example of how providing a needed item for congregation members can also support mission work in Canada and across the world. Projects like this encourage us all to do what we can where we are to support the work being done to share the message of Jesus.

While offerings received by LWMLC are not allocated to specific projects, these funds will help all of the work LWMLC does to EQUIP, MOTIVATE AND ENCOURAGE WOMEN to GROW in God’s Word, SERVE God’s people and SHARE God’s Son.

Work on the translation and formatting of Sunday schools is well under way with the completion of materials for the Epiphany season. Work has begun on Easter materials. Funds requested by those working on the materials have been paid for work completed and in progress.

Some of the Sunday school students are pictured here displaying the hand sanitizer sold.

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